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Provailen Review – Natural Arthritis Relief

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Provailen Review


provailen review - woman with arthritis


Natural Arthritis Relief

Why you should choose Natural Arthritis Relief rather than standard prescription treatment options for permanent arthritis pain relief. There are over 100 types of arthritis that can strike any person, at any age. The most common types are Osteoarthritis (affecting over 27 million adults), Fibromyalgia (over 5 million), Gout (over 3 million), Rheumatoid Arthritis (over 1 million adults) and Lupus (close to half a million sufferers.)


There are many reasons people are being affected with any type of arthritis, including advancing age, accidents, traumatic injuries, repetitive motions, immune system diseases and simply the  “wear and tear” of our daily grind.


Arthritis Medication Side Effects

The most common medical treatments include surgery, joint replacements, prescription anti-inflammatory and pain medications. Although these methods are the most common, they are also the least effective method of actually stopping the progression of arthritis. They also have very serious side effects that can cause permanent damage:

  • Joint Surgery Risks: Loss of limb, septic shock, coma, blood clots, bleeding, stroke, heart attack, paralysis and lethal infections
  • Joint Replacements: Heart Attack, Rejection by body, loss of limb, paralysis, and infection
  • Prescription Anti-Inflammatories: Liver Toxicity, Kidney Failure, Ulcers, Internal Bleeding and Edema
  • Prescription Pain Medications: Severe Swelling, Difficulty Breathing, Chest Pain, Slurred Speech, Vision Problems, Weakness

They may be able to help in severe cases, but I would not use these as my first treatment option! There are much safer natural remedies that not only relieve the symptoms of all of the major types of arthritis, but actually get you on the road to recovery. And, also without the potentially lethal or life altering side effects.


As bad as they are, I think we can stop calling them “side-effects” and start calling them “Effects” or “Injuries.” If you discovered a natural alternative that worked, wouldn’t you cruise down that avenue first? I think the answer is a “no brainer” of course! And, that’s where Provailen saves your day (maybe even your life).



pain management journalProvailen is powerful natural anti-inflammatory and arthritis pain reliever. It also heals and rebuilds your joint socket without any harmful side-effects. It works so well that the major medical journal Pain Pathways has featured it in their current edition. I’ve tried the prescription medications before and actually felt worse after I finished a course of treatment. They did provide temporary, but incomplete relief and did not stop the progression of arthritis. This is why I sought out another method that gave me safe relief that actually got me off all medications. I now can walk without pain (I had previous knee surgery) and can actually lift over 1,200 pounds doing leg presses at the gym (I’ve over 50)!


The ingredients in Provailen (which I take as a preventative to keep my joints strong, flexible, healthy and pain free) also help me stay youthful because of it’s natural growth hormone stimulators like Tongkat Ali. I think that’s why I can be so strong at my age and have incredibly healthy joints. The immune system boosters like Reishi (recommended by David Wolfe’s Longevity Now Teachings) also help me stay incredibly healthy (I am almost never sick) and the capsaicin helps with holistic pain relief and whole body circulation and oxygenation of tissues.


Many people ask me the best way to take Provailen to get the maximum benefits and there are specific ways you can take them and get the full benefits as explained by Dr. George in the video below:


Read the Testimonals or stop the pain and Order Provailen Now!


Why Provailen is the Best

Here’s why you should consider Provailen before you take a more harmful alternative:

  • Stops infections throughout the body
  • Safely and effectively relieve arthritis pain
  • Increases circulation to the joints and whole body 
  • Begins healing the joint socket and tissues
  • Begins new joint tissue growth
  • Can be taken with traditional medications (hopefully you can get off them quickly)
  • Guaranteed to work!


Provailen Testimonials

The best way to know how good Provailen is, is to see what kind of results other people are getting using Provailen. Here’s what some of them have to say about why they love Provailen:

Finally something that works”

Catherine J.

“My Provailen came Saturday morning and I started with one tablet a day. I can now bend my leg to walk up the stairs with no pain, I can sit and watch TV with no pain, and that is after three days! There is a mention about side effects initially, but the only effect it has on me is it has taken the pain away and so quick too”

Alan S.

“Listen. I have just been on a 3 mile walk in the countryside near my home, which is my passion. Why am I telling you this? Because the pain in my knees and ankles was so bad previously, it hurt to walk 50 yards. I LOVE you Provailen.”

James W.


But you don’t have to take our word for it, just try it for yourself and I’m sure you’ll also want to send your own testimonial to help others end their arthritis pain for good. It worked for me and is working for many others. There is none other like it and that it is the most recommended arthritis remedy period! To find out more information on Provailen just click here.


provailen review

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  1. Thanks to my friend who told me about Provailen. Started 2 months ago for my grand dad who has arthritis on his hands.

  2. Thanks for sharing your article with us. Highly appreciated.

  3. Heard good testimonies on some of the health blogs. Purchased 3 weeks ago with no fuss and now my grand aunt is on it. So far so good. Worried about side effects but none seen so far.

  4. Heard that it works well for my friend’s mum who is 80 years old. Now I am buying it for my father…68 years of age. Will comment more when I get results.

  5. The fact that I can type this comment is proof that I am happy with Provailen. My joints hurt less now.

  6. Provailen rocks!! Now my uncle can play golf again.

  7. Had some dizziness issue when I started using the product. That cleared up after 3 days.

  8. My aunt has arthritis. Introduce her to Provailen and now she can get upstairs on her own. Started about 3 weeks ago.

  9. With your information, I can now start my research. Thanks again.

  10. Heard of Provailen in the arthritis forum. Have been using it for 1 month now and I have no complaints.

  11. What more can one want that a remedy which poses little health risks. This is what i see in natural herbal remedies.

  12. How can I get provailen

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