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Psoriatic Arthritispsoriatic arthritis

Psoriatic Arthritis (PA) is also known as Psoriatic Arthropathy or Psoriasis Arthritis and is a form of Arthritis that is also accompanied by Psoriasis (inflammation of the skin), particularly around the arthritic joint being affected. Psoriasis is fairly common skin condition that affects a wide range of people. This is sometimes referred to Psoriasis Arthritis although it is the same condition. It can be unsightly and you may want to cover it up while you are healing.

Psoriasis Arthritis

In Psoriasis Arthritis (Psoriatic Arthritis), the psoriasis usually comes first and then the arthritis develops sometime later. About 1 in 20 people who experience psoriasis will also develop arthritis and be diagnosed with PA. Fortunately more research is being done in this area and vastly better natural treatment options now exist.


Psoriasis Arthritis Causes

According to the traditional medical community the actual cause of PA is unknown, but is thought to be brought upon by genetics. Holistic Medicine views this as being caused by unrelieved stress that has nowhere else to go but into the joints and out to the skin. You can get a professional diagnosis if you have any combination of the following psoriatic arthritic symptoms:

Symptoms of PA

Here are the most common signs that can signal the onset of PA:

  • Swelling around a joint area
  • Stiffness of a joint
  • Pain and Redness around a joint
  • Skin Irritation and Flakiness
  • Usually the skin irritation occurs first

Treatments for Psoriatic Arthritis Symptoms

There are some natural remedies that greatly help you recover from PA. Keeping your personal stress levels down is always recommended, as it can cause psoriatic symptoms as well as a host of other illnesses. We all have stress in our lives, it’s how we choose to feel it that matters. Try using meditation or homeopathy (which works on the emotional body) to naturally relieve the manifestation of stress before it floods your body with stress hormones and inflammation.

Psoriatic Arthritis Dietary Plan

  • Limit Simple Sugars and refined foods as they lead to inflammation
  • Limit starchy vegetables like potatoes and carrots until you get complete relief
  • Eat as many green salads and vegetables as you can
  • Add almonds and walnuts to your diet
  • Eat pineapple, papaya and berries regularly
  • Take natural anti-inflammatories like turmeric, ginger, boswellia and caynene
  • Add SuperFoods to your diet, particularly dark chocolate (high cacao %), wheat-grass and even Red Wine if you can handle it.

Eating smart and addressing the factors that cause psoriasis arthritis will bring lasting, and in many cases, permanent relief. Follow the psoriatic arthritis pain relief guide below, and you will have the best that science has to offer in curing this irritating and painful condition.

Psoriatic Arthropathy Pain Relief

There are three things you need to address in relieving the symptoms Psoriatic Arthritis and actually getting lasting healing. The first thing you want to do is to remove any pathogens, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals and environmental toxins from your body that may actually be the cause of your arthritis. Second you want to stop the inflammation from making your joints swollen, inflexible and unstable. Thirdly you want to stop the arthritis pain and rebuild the joint socket. 

Psoriatic Arthritis Pain Relief – 3 Remedies You Should Know About

  1. Zeolite – Remove Viruses & Heavy Metals
  2. Rhumatol – Lubricate Joints, Stop Inflammation & Rheumatoid Factor
  3. Provailen – Stop The Pain and Immune Response & Rebuild Your Joint

By using these 3 remedies as an integrated system (they work through different pathways in the body in a beneficial way) you treat not only the symptoms, but actually remove the cause. Try using EFT for Arthritis which is a therapy that you can easily learn to do at home that may benefit a whole host of chronic conditions once and for all. They all work well together you can go at your own comfortable pace. 


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