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Grounding or Earthing for Arthritis Pain Relief


What is Grounding or Earthing?

earthing grounding for arthritis
There is a new groundbreaking (literally grounding) technology that can rid your body of inflammatory arthritis and provide some pain relief in about an hour. Not only will this new scientific discovery help rid your body of the pain, inflammation and discomfort of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis (actually all forms of inflammatory disease, including gout and back pain) but it will also improve your immune system, enhance your mood and detox your whole body at once!  What is this magic technology? It is simply called Grounding or Earthing. And you can try it virtually anywhere and anytime, including now!


Earthing was discovered by Clint Ober and Dr. Stephen Sinatra and revealed in their groundbreaking book Earthing. It has to do with how the earth’s electro-magnetic field affects the human body and it’s circadian rhythm (natural daily rhythm).  It affects our hormone production (growth hormone vs cortisol), glands, organs as well as how our bodies remineralize themselves. Astronauts and people that work in high rise buildings, are much more likely to develop osteoporosis and arthritis because of there being so far from the earth’s magnetic field. Listen to a brief video by Dr. Mercola on why he grounds regularly (I sleep grounded myself and sleep better):


The earth’s magnetic field is a natural antioxidant and pain reliever. It can absorb our disharmonious energies and ground us. That’s why we feel grounded when we touch the earth or make a connection with it. Water is also grounding and that is why you feel so good when your in a body of water, even a bathtub helps, as it de-stresses you and helps you relax and feel better. It puts your body in a relaxation mode and your mind in a relaxed alpha brainwave state.

naturally grounding

It can also help rid your body of excess hardened calcium deposits (the junk calcium which hardens in your joints as arthritis) while balancing the more beneficial magnesium and silica in their proper rations for optimal health. People sometimes use neodymium magnets to achieve this healing effect as it balances our calcium/magnesium and potassium/iodine balance, as well as increases circulation and promotes rapid healing to bones, muscles and tissues.


Benefits of Grounding:

  • Natural Energy Synthesis (Increased Vitamin synthesis in your body particularly Vitamin D, for strong Joints, Bones and Immune system)
  • Increased body oxygenation
  • Increased Strength (particularly if you are on a natural surface like, grass, dirt or even natural stone)
  • Increased Endurance (especially if you are in barefoot contact with the earth or using natural materials and socks on your feet)
  • Increased Stamina (The earth’s electro-magentic field actually removes toxins and harmful EMF’s that sap your stamina)
  • Increased Anti-oxidant production – again from the grounding (or earthing) effect of being in nature
  • Elevates Mood
  • Increased Joint Mobility
  • Decreases Anxiety and sense of Hopelessness
  • Decreases Insomnia
  • Decreases Irritability
  • Decreases Headache and Fatigue
  • Decreased Inflammation
  • Decreased body oxidation
  • Decreases depression and SAD

Even major chronic health problems can magically disappear (well, it’s actually not magic if you understand the science.) I recommend you get the book  Earthing – by Clint Ober and Dr. Sinatra, as it probably one of the greatest health discoveries of the 21st century. It has been showcased in David Wolfe’s Longevity Now Holistic Health Videos, which are some of the best natural healing and cellular rejuvenation techniques in the world!


I highly recommend this as I personally get a lot of information from his panel of cutting edge holistic doctors and natural health experts. The information has changed my life and helped me move past a few chronic conditions of my own.

healing arthritis

Check out that information and you be the judge! I’ve added a lot of his natural health tips into my own life, including earthing, and I am a lot stronger and more flexible, no more joint pain (I’m also a natural bodybuilder in my 50’s but can lift much stronger than most people half my age in the gym). My skin tone has also improved and my hair is full and dark brown. My eyesight is 20/20 (I also sungaze) and I rarely ever feel “under the weather.” The good thing is that if you can’t go outside to do your grounding, you can bring the outside in and get the same results!


Electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) are all around us, from WiFi devices, cell phones, transmitting towers, Edison’s smart meters and other electonic devices. They have a negative effect on human health, as they primarily occupy the microwave (yeah, the same one in most people’s kitchens) frequency and it does interfere with our brainwaves. It also is not good for our bones and joints, similar to being in space or living/working in a high rise building. You can read more about them here: EMF Frequencies


Here is a demonstration of the energy that is being absorbed by your body if when you’re around EMF radiation as well as standard household electrical currents, and what you can do to stop that from wreaking havoc on your body and mind: 


I highly recommend you try it for yourself. I’ve personally started with the basic earthing mat, and used it while I’m on the computer or phone, and then put it between my sheets when I’m sleeping so some part of my body is touching it.


I’ve since gotten another one that I use at the foot of my bed, between the sheets so I sleep protected and more soundly too. Here’s what you can do right now to protect your greatest asset – your health:

  • Earthing Kit (Includes earthing book, grounding pad, mattress pad, grounding rod, ground tester, and 2 cords)
  • Earthing Book (The Groundbreaking book by Clint Ober and Dr. Sinatra)
  • Grounding Pad (I use this when I’m on my computer and I’m not as tired)
  • Greenwave EMF Filter (Removes EMF from your home and devices)
  • Full-Spectrum Lighting (replace the fluorescent bulbs, they have a flicker rate that is harmful for health, and mercury inside!)
  • Earthing Shoes (ESD or electrostatic discharge) Grounded Shoes for men or women


Using ESD (electrostatic discharge) or grounding shoes. What these shoes can do for you is allow you to make a direct connection to earth or ground, removing the harmful EMF’s and providing your body with antioxidant support. Making an earthed connection removes the disease and aging free radicals from your body. They have shoes for men or women, that you can use when you can’t go barefoot. You only need to stand on grass, concrete or dirt for this to work the most effectively.  Just click on the women’s or men’s shoes for more grounded varieties:


Earthing Shoes for Women

womens grounding shoes








Earthing Shoes for Men

mens grounding shoes








You not only get the added strength, flexibility and stamina, but improved immune system, full body detox and mood elevation, all by being grounded. If you do outside walking or jogging with shoes on, try and get the grounded type of shoes (the soles of the shoes are made of natural materials – non-insulating). You’ll watch your pain and inflammation disappear and your overall health soar!


Listen to the complete interview from Dr. Mercola with Clint Ober, the discoverer of this natural healing energy that freely available to all:


You can get his groundbreaking book here: Earthing


Complete Earthing Kit

This is an easy way to ground or earth yourself and get all the benefits even if you can’t get outside and want to be grounded while you work on your computer, in your high rise apartment or office building, or even sleep grounded! You can get the complete earthing kit and you’ll sleep much better as grounding is a natural anti-oxidant to your body, it brings your brain waves down to alpha and theta levels, where sleep happens, and is also highly anti-inflammatory. Click on the earthing kit below to find out more and begin getting deep healing sleep tonight! 

complete earthing kit

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  1. For me made a difference earthing together with EMF protection, I think it can be useful to know for anyone that also avoiding exposure to EMF’s is essential same as to do earthing.
    P.S. take a look:

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  5. now I know why I like to remove shoes to feel the grass! And thanks God

  6. Cotton socks and nylons are okay, but barefoot is best.

  7. Yu Bin Aîlody says :

    shoes with rubber and plastic soles are non conductive and insulate, shoes made solely from leather will still conduct the Earth’s natural electromagnetic energy. Companies that make grounding products also make shoes specially designed to help people ground while walking on conductive surfaces like grass

  8. Lord's Dhruv says :

    Grounding get good feedback. The bilogical rythm is really improving and I am a living proof. I have never slept better and in spite of my 67 years I do no longer have to go to the bathroom during the night.

  9. Jyothi Redhai says :

    It seems that mother earth has the answer to some of our prayers. So get connected.

  10. Milica Prokic says :

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing this. I have found it helpful too

  11. Aleksandar Besevic says :

    Awesome ! keep up these articles! I’ve got anxiety issues aswell and going to try it out. Thanks for sharing your info

  12. Said Demirovic says :

    dont think i’ve heard of this before. i’ll have to remember this

  13. Amir Dubric says :

    awesome article! thanks for this

  14. Apostolis Goulas says :

    as a side thought when. we touch the Earth barefoot or shod, we should thank the Earth for being. Helps us by being grateful and Earth by being loved

  15. Hardik Patel says :

    Earthing/grounding are a regular part of my husband’s and my lifestyle’s now, What a great, informative article

  16. Thanks ! this is a wonderful topic, and am sharing this with as many people I can.

  17. Batoul Abdelkhaleq says :

    I’m a stay-at-home mom and I wear shoes only an hour a day maximum – most days I’m barefoot all day. How much contact with actual earth , would a person require to adequately combat inflammation?

  18. Sunil Chugani says :

    This is VERY interesting… I’ve been doing quite a bit of research in barefoot running and the results are astounding. Thanks!

  19. Ekansh Priyam says :

    Earth is not only made of dirt (earth), it is made of stone, and many other elements. materials such as rubber and plastic have the greatest insulating effect, not only of electricity, but also our ability to feel how our feet are interacting with the ground, which can change how well we are balanced and how gracefully we move across the Earth.

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