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Natural Arthritis Treatment

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Natural Treatment for Arthritis

What should you consider a Natural Arthritis Treatment?That’s the same question many people ask me when I ask them if the conventional approach has healed or given them lasting arthritis pain relief.  Well, people just like you and me, who  at one time, suffered debilitating all know that answer. That’s why you’re probably here because the standard approach just does not work.


In fact, it can be downright painful, expensive and even lethal. Many surgeries leave the person worse than they were before, and the medications like Celebrex can send them on the fast track to heaven. A safe Natural Treatment for Arthritis actually works, without any of the harmful or debilitating side effects of traditional arthritis treatments.


Arthritis Pain Relief

No complete or lasting arthritis pain relief or even lessening stiffness or inflammation, no matter how expensive or novel the medication. That’s why I took another look at how to best treat the most common arthritis signs and symptoms.  That’s where the holistic arthritis remedies came in.


I am not a medical doctor, nor do I practice “medicine” of any kind, and therefore this information is solely intended for educational and informational purposes. Consulting your physician before beginning any new dietary or exercise regimen is wise advice indeed.  This information is a complementary methodology that can be used simultaneously with your current medical program; that is, until you no longer require pain medication or the regular services of a medical doctor or hospital.


I am a health and wellness researcher with a background in traditional, alternative and complementary medicine and have a life-long passion for optimum wellness, longevity and a greater quality of life on all levels.  I am personally driven by the science of “what works” rather than the clever marketing of the medical elite that all too frequently leads to human detriment, financial ruin and continued suffering.  The buck stops here!


alternative arthritis treatment 


Tradiational Arthritis Doctors

My journey began as a search to unlock the code to arthritis relief after years of going from doctor to doctor seeking permanent relief to no avail (and being in school at the time, I did have access to some really intelligent and respected medical doctors through whom I’ve discovered what they can do, and what they are still unaware of.) 


The traditional medical treatment option was some expensive prescription medications, which sometimes did provide temporary relief, but always left me in far worse pain and inflammation afterwards.  I’ve tried generic drugs hoping that the joint destroying and other side effects would be less that the prescription versions, but the end result was the same:  I was still in considerable pain, had limited mobility and was a lot lighter in my savings account.


I sought out other options in the standard medical community, consulting with the “best” medical doctors in thefield that co-payment and insurance could provide.  The “experts” then decided that if I would just undergo surgery, they would just “take the problem joints out” and replace it (at an astronomical cost!) and I would be all fine and dandy!  I was scared, and you should be too, if you are ever to hear those words.


Although I was in constant pain, surgery seemed like an extremely drastic measure to me, so I personally met with other people who did have the suggested surgery, and to my horror discovered that they were in WORSE PAIN, and had PERMANENTLY LOST MOBILITY in the affected joint!  Common sense told me told me to seek other options first.


I began looking at my situation from a different angle.  I would seek out the people outside of my own little world and community, that either did not develop arthritis (prevention) or that has experienced permanent, lasting relief.  I was tired of the same old Band-Aid approaches that left me “high and dry” and feeling hopeless.  I sought out the secrets of permanent relief for my arthritic condition – and “to my surprise” I actually found them!  And it works for neck arthritis, hip arthritis, arthritis hands and basically most all types of arthritis.


So, I began to research and interview people who did not develop arthritis and also those who had arthritis but discovered effective approaches to completely relieve their condition.  I’ve discovered their natural secrets for prevention and also how to experience complete relief, naturally and inexpensively. 


I will share the “secrets” I have personally discovered to complete  prevention, arthritis pain relief and mobility that many other people just like you (and me!), are now using successfully.  There is a specific arthritis diet and special exercises that actually bring fluid into your joints and relieve inflammation and ease pain.


Natural Joint Pain Relief

These “secrets” do have a “side effect” though:  They have the ability to transform your life by allowing you more freedom in expression (mobility and flexibility) and the ability to become an active life partner with your friends, family, loved ones and significant other!  You may also notice that your attitude improves as you no longer have that nagging pain attacking your joints.  You will be well on your way to living that richer fuller and happier life that you were destined for, and best of all: one that is Pain Free!


It is my sincerest desire that you read the articles in this website and see what strikes a chord in you, and when you discover something that makes intuitive or logical sense to you, that you consider slowly incorporating that strategy into your daily life.  Evaluate what works best for you and use that, and then try some of the other “secrets” to take your life to the next level. 


Always listen to your own body and how you feel.  Tapping into your body’s wisdom is one of the best things that you can do, because you really are the ultimate healer. For more information on the best natural remedies for arthritis visit our page: Arthritis Remedies

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